Synergetic FinanceWith thousands of investment advisors to choose from, why would you choose SFM Advisors? First, we are a boutique financial planning and wealth management firm that has a wide range of experience in everything from 401(k) plan investments and tax planning to business valuation and consulting. Second, because we are a small firm, you get the personalized, one-on-one service that you deserve. We are small but might! Here are a few other reasons to consider entrusting SFM Advisors with your financial future:

Independence: We are an unbiased third party and pride ourselves in providing an objective point of view without the distraction of conflicts of interest. Our goals are aligned with your goals.

Relationship Management: We strive to achieve a deep understanding of your situation and, through our work together, a mutual respect. Our relationship with you is our first priority and, in our experience, having a strong relationship is fundamental to success.

Proven Expertise: You benefit from the collective experience of our principals.. Our team-based approach provides access to the specialized expertise of each Synergy professional.

Perspective: For over a decade we have provided financial services for clients through a wide range of market conditions. Our track record of experience continues to inform a prudent approach and long-term perspective.

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To your wealth,

President of Synergetic Finance

Joe Maas