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Every time the stock market jolts up or down, it is relaying information about expected risk and return. For many people, this jolting action sends a shivering signal down their spine about who they are as an investor.
If this market turbulence frightens you, you may find Synergy Financial Management’s (SFM) Lifestyle Protection Planning Process (LPPP) comforting. In short, the LPPP integrates investment management with financial planning.
Our process will help you better understand why you own risky investments in the first place. It will also help you find a balance between investments that possess return characteristics, and investments that possess risk management characteristics.
You can think of the two approaches like a coin, heads on one side and tails on the other. The investing coin has risk on one side and return on the other. Or, think stocks for risky investments and bonds for less risky investments.

Finding the right combination of these two types of assets, while monitoring and adjusting them on a continuous basis, is what leads to our success.

Now we are not recommending that you only invest in stocks or bonds. We recommend that you allow our process to integrate your appetite for risk and return with your lifestyle goals and aspirations. Hence, Synergy’s Lifestyle Protection Planning Process (LPPP).

Three simple steps to preserve your lifestyle

We offer three steps for you to consider in designing a plan which will serve your current lifestyle and help you preserve this lifestyle until and through retirement.


Perform Lifestyle Wealth Assessment


Establish Lifestyle Return Benchmark™


Build your lifestyle portfolio