Build your lifestyle portfolio

We will build your portfolio based on your goals instead of around the jolts of the market.

Our objective is real wealth accumulation, preservation, and distribution through portfolio construction practices that are inherently sensible and thoroughly tested, resulting in market-like returns with a reasonable level of risk. If your lifestyle planning calls for a more conservative approach, we can achieve that too. This tactic may result in a slightly lower rate of expected return, but will have better protection in the event of a severe bear market.

In the end, most investors prefer a plan that will ensure their standard of living against severe short-term loss while allowing them to maintain and improve their lifestyle over time. Remember, the goal is not to beat the S&P 500, it is to earn your Lifestyle Return Benchmark™ (LRB).

To accomplish your objectives, we will use a mix of safe and conservative investment strategies, core investment strategies, alternative investment strategies and, if appropriate, a mix of real estate and small business assets. Annuities and insurance can also play an important role in a broadly diversified portfolio to buffer sudden shocks and unexpected perils.

Our mix of strategies will keep you sleeping tight at night regardless of what the stock and bond markets are doing. And based on your Lifestyle Protection Plan, we can adjust the size of your safe and secure investment so that you can afford to withstand more risk elsewhere.

The Market is predictably unpredictable.

Just like the currents of the oceans, the markets can rapidly shift and without warning. The secret to being defensive during bear markets and fully invested during bull markets, is to continuously monitor the factors that influence the markets, and then position the portfolio to take advantage of the markets’ current direction. Our fleet of Portfolios helps us navigate you through the unpredictable ebbs and flows of the global markets.